Tailor Made

When packaging and marketing work together

When Packaging and Marketing work together the results can be memorable and Brand enhancing.

From simple names and contact details to more complex colours, logos and themes the use of packaging to stand out from the crowd can be a cost effective part of your business strategy.

The TPI capability to provide Tailor Made solutions to meet customer needs is well recognised and many of our customers have benefited from the service and expertise we offer. Your specific design can be printed onto cartons, polythene bags, sheets, adhesive tape, carrier bags, sacks, mailing bags and padded postal bags.

Tailor made sizes, materials, colours and construction can all be provided to ensure that your products are packed swiftly, protected through the distribution cycle and if necessary, shelf ready and easily opened by consumers.

The TPI capability to provide Tailor Made solutions to meet customer needs is well recognised

Tailor made packaging can also assist in security and tamper evidence, for example cartons sealed with personalised packing tape are much harder to open and re-seal unnoticed than those using standard brown tape.

Tailor made printing can also convey important messages to customers and carriers such as special handling instructions, storage restrictions and contact details.

Tailor made materials can help solve many packaging problems, as an example many businesses using polythene bags and sacks can benefit from multi-layer co-extrusion films which offer capabilities such as a low slip outer surface, for stability and ease of stacking onto pallets, whilst the inner layer is treated with an additive which helps opening and filling.

Tailor made products in anti-static, conductive and metal detectable materials can also be an option, if you have a tailor made packaging requirement in your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tailor made packaging

Below are some examples of tailor made packaging that we have produced for customers.