Postal Boxes

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Royal Mail pricing in proportion (PiP) and postal boxes.

PiP boxes allow items to be sent as a large letter, our postal boxes qualify for the small parcel rate.



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Checkbox Description Sku Price Quantity
Postal Boxes – 202 x 143 x 66mm 25 boxes per pack SP1 £9.95
Postal Boxes – 304 x 234 x 143mm White 20 boxes per pack SP2W £21.80
Postal Boxes – 334 x 202 x 66mm 25 boxes per pack SP3 £14.95
Postal Boxes – 415 x 337 x 70mm 25 boxes per pack SP4 £24.75
Postal Boxes – PiP Boxes – 101mm x 101mm x 20mm – Pack of 25 PIPS £6.95
Postal Boxes – PiP Boxes – 229mm x 159mm x 20mm – Pack of 25 PIPM £11.35
Postal Boxes – PiP Boxes – 350mm x 245mm x 20mm – Pack of 15 PIPL £9.99


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