Document Enclosed Envelopes

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These simple self-adhesive ‘pockets’ keep shipping documents dry and securely attached to your pallet or parcel. The A5 and A4 sizes are plain, the A6 and A7 sizes are printed ‘Documents Enclosed’

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Product Information Table

Please select from the table below A5 & A4 are plain, A6 & A7 are printed 'Documents Enclosed'
Checkbox Description Sku Price Quantity
Document Enclosed Envelopes – A6 Pack of 1000 – 165mm x 114mm (6.5″ x 4.5″) DE1 £28.28
Document Enclosed Envelopes – A7 Pack of 1000 – 114mm x 102mm (4.5″ x 4″) DE2 £17.83
Document Enclosed Envelopes – A5 Pack of 1000 – 229mm x 165mm (9″ x 6.5″) DE3 £57.19
Document Enclosed Envelopes – A4 Pack of 500 – 318mm x 229mm (12.5″ x 9″) DE4 £51.78


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